January 19, 2021

Accounting Service

Leave your financial tasks to our experts so that you can focus on your core business! In compliance with Swedish law and regulations we handle all tasks in your financial function. We have long experience, modern it systems, authorized consultants and broad expertise. We are located in Sweden, and have partners in Norway, Denmark and Finland and help many Nordic and international companies in different sizes from all industries.

In compliance with Swedish legislation we can handle all tasks in your financial function.

We are specialists in international business and working with foreign companies with business in Sweden. We are well acquainted with their need for a secure, strategic and proactive partner.

Our consultants are experts in Swedish law and regulations regarding accounting, payroll, pension, HR, business administration and taxes. They are ready to assist with qualitative finance, tax and pension advice.

You will be free of an administrative challenge and can be 100% sure that your financial administration is running efficiently and on time every time.